Business Resources

 At PrezenceMedia, we believe in giving our customers the greatest flexibility possible and the best training to become self-sufficient with the management of their day-to-day business.  Technology is ever-changing and the options are ever-growing.  
​So many options are available out there, and most of them for free! 
Enjoy this list!  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email us with your questions. 
*please note:  I am not affiliated to any of these products. 

Graphic Design & More

Flaticon  |  NEW
Looking for free icons for your website and graphics?  Look no further!  Flaticon has a large selection of icons, free for us!  Don’t forget to read the terms & conditions!  
Canva  |
Canva is one of the best tools out there.  Free and so user friendly – create social media posts, Facebook covers, posters, and so much more!  Try it – you’ll love it. 
Stencil  |
A new tool for us.  Design your social media posts or any graphics you might need. Again, basic version is free.  It’s a powerful tool – have fun! 
DesignBold |
Similar to Canva but different in many ways!   Some prefer Canva, some prefer DesignBold.  Try to them to compare! 
Adobe Spark Post  |
Adobe Spark Post is an app (and a website), but what an amazing app!
You can do all your social media post designs directly from your phone!  LOVE!  It’s also FREE!  LOVE MORE!  It’s really amazing.  Give it a try, you’ll be amazed. 


Font Candy   | iTunes Link
The best typography app out there.  Add great typography to any pictures. 

Wordle   |
Create your own word clouds!  Easy and free! 

Pixlr |
Need to edit your pictures?  Don’t have Photoshop?  Look no further.
Pixlr is a photo editor online. It’s one of the best online, for free!  

Social Media Tools

AddThis   |  AddThis  NEW
Make your content shareable by adding these FREE buttons!  Since GetSocial won’t be free anymore, we found a new tool for those wanting a free options.
GetSocial   |
Share buttons to add to your website!  So easy, you can almost do it with your eyes closed! 
(this tool was once FREE but will now have a monthly fee)
​​Grum   |
Scheduling tool for your Instragram posts! 
Ripl   |
Animate your social posts!! 
AgoraPulse  |
Are you planning a Facebook contest?  Not too sure how you’ll pick your winner?
​AgoraPulse has the solution for you!  It’s free and easy!  
Buffer   |
Have more than one social media account? Manage your social media platforms on one tool – Buffer.   Plan all your posts and schedule them on one tool.  Save some time, use Buffer. 

Stock Pictures

*please read the terms & conditions as they may vary with the type of use

Photype  |
Our favorite website.  Have a look.  Access multiple feeds of stock pictures in one place.  *some are free, some are not. 
Pexels  |
A sweet source of free stock pictures.  Always read the conditions of the site before using! 
StockSnap  |
Great library of pictures available to you, no attribution required.
Unsplash  |
Collection of free high-resolution photos, one of the best sources found online. 


Lumyer |  
Animate your pictures with this great FREE tool!  Use your imagination & create a captivating animated picture for your social media audience! 
Magisto |  
Create beautiful videos online and on your phone with this great tool!
​And it’s also FREE!  
Ripl  |  
Boost your social media marketing by creating animated posts!  Use still pictures and create a mini video to share on social media!  So easy to use and FREE!
GoAnimate  |
You don’t have the budget to hire a videographer?  How about making your own animated video?  Try it for free today!  One of the best and most user friendly platform out there.
Biteable  | 
Another great, easy way to create a video for your social media platforms or website! 
Adobe Spark Video  |
I love Adobe Spark and all its products!!  So easy to use and so awesome…and so FREE!  
VideoScribe  |
Always wondered how to create a whiteboard style animation? Here’s how. 


Mailchimp |
Are you collecting email addresses from your clients but can’t seem to figure out what to do with them?  Use Mailchimp.  Start using email marketing today.  It’s free to start and effective, but be sure to have a good strategy in place!  
ActiveCampaign |
Need a bit more than MailChimp?  Want to create sales/marketing funnels and create more sales for your business?  ActiveCampaign is a great platform.  
Ontraport |
Welcome to the powerhouse.  It’s a CRM, email marketing platform, landing page creator and so much more!  Yes, there is a cost to this but what they offer is amazing! 
WiseStamp  |
Stand out with your email signature!  Basic service is free, upgrade if you need to! 
HubSpot  |
Love this.  Love HubSpot!  Great email signature tool.  Love x100.


​​17hats  |  NEW
All-in-one tool to manage your business!!  Not free, but very affordable! 
​​Stand Up!  |  More info  NEW
Are you sitting all day at your desk?  This app is a lifesaver!   Use it on your phone to remind you to take breaks and stretch!  LOVE this app! 
Zendesk  |  NEW
Are you looking for a live chat for your website or a social media messaging app?  Improve your customer service with Zendesk!  
CoSchedule – Headline Analyzer  |  NEW
Write better headlines with CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer.  Headlines matter when you are writing a blog post, a email subject line or even a social message post!   Increase your conversion rates and get noticed with better headlines!  
Nick Kolenda  |  NEW
Learn all about the psychology of marketing and pricing.  Love this blog! 
Zotabox  |
Chat boxes on websites are huge.  It’s a great way to help with your customer service.  But most of them come with a high cost.  Here’s a great alternative.  Zotabox uses your Facebook Page as the chat box!  Pretty sweet and it’s free!

Evernote  |
Your electronic notepad.  I don’t know how I could live without it!  Try it – it’s free! 
Squarespace  |
Looking for a website?  Quick?  This might be a good option! User friendly and affordable.  
Launchrock |
Are you launching a new product?  Testing a new business idea? Use launchrock to create a launch page! 
inFlow  |
Are you a small business looking for a free tool to manage your inventory? Look no further!  
Zoom  |
Looking for a tool where you can host an online meeting, share your desktop?  Zoom is AMAZING!  Free version is awesome.   They also have an app so you can even hold a meeting on the go.  Bonus, you can see everyone that’s in the meeting (if they allow the webcam!).